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Prayer Requests

Sandra Young – 12/9/2021

Healing for my daughter

Please pray for complete total healing for my daughter Angela. She has covid her blood pressure is dropped her kidneys shutting down her lungs are bad. Thank you so much

Theodora Collins – 12/9/2021

Please Help Me as I Help My Mother, Please!

My mother needs a desperate touch from God, she is mourning the lost of her last only living brother on the day after Thanksgiving, but the thing is that she is in sooooo much pain from shingles that’s keeping her up at night and chronic pain in her foot from the Gout, a form of arthritis, and body aches and pain. I believe if these pains be removed from her she will be able to move on with arrangements and things. I have to be her strength in her foot and legs, please HELP ME PRAY FOR HER in Jesus’s name. Thank you

Roland Jones – 12/9/2021


I m a 50yr old strongman and powerlifters who is in good shape. All of a sudden I have high blood pressure. My labs came back good, my diet is good. Echogram was good. Dr doesn’t know why. I m on BP meds. And its still high. Please prayer for Jesus to heal my body and lower my BP.

Claudio Gomez – 12/9/2021






generational curses on the life of AMERICA GUANUCO.

Finding a child for adoption at birth when he was a minor


Opening of new job and business opportunities, debt

cancellation, acquired commitments. Collection of monies owed


Withdrawal from unwelcome and bad people who are not a blessing to their lives


Restoration of the female reproductive system, glandular system,

biological clock, cancer


Breaking of generational curses, ties and ties imposed on the Andes

Mountains, Quebrada de Sama, Quebrada de San Lorenzo, Camino de

cornisa Salta Jujuy, Yungas in Bolivia, Valles Calchaquíes

Bindings that prevent them from reaching their blessing

Bindings imposed by immediate family

Prayer requests Liberation Healing Family and Emotional Restoration Judicial Finance Relations Healing


Breaking of generational curses on my life and my family’s life. Relatives given up for adoption for 3 generations. Finding maternal grandmother Dora Gómez-


Opening of new job and business opportunities, cancellation of debts, acquired commitments


Resolution of procedures and real estate scam file


Withdrawal from inopportune and bad people who are not a blessing for my life


Inequality. Breaking generational curses on my life and that of my family

Breaking of ties, ligatures and pacts made with the enemy in his youth due to ignorance of the Word of GOD MARY and and DORA


Restoration of the male reproductive system, urinary tract
Claudio Gómez Salta Argentina

courtney mcnatty – 12/9/2021


Please pray for Sylvia Pattillo for whole body healing and deliverance from kidney stone, chronic venous stasis, severe rheumatoid arthritis, poor blood circulation to her heart and deliverance from the colostomy bag resulted from diverticulitis. God is still in the business of miracles and she needs one. Thank you and God bless.  

Jewel – 12/9/2021


Healing for keloids and headaches and blood in nose and protection from covid or any sickness

Florence – 12/9/2021


Dear sisters and brothers,
Tomorrow I have a surgery. Thank you for praying for me.

Gwen – 12/9/2021

Prayers on healing

My sister taffy attisonwent into hospital is having heart pain

Sam S – 12/9/2021

Save my job

Please pray for me that I am able to continue working for my current employer for many more years to come. Please help me retain my job.

Ruth meyer – 12/9/2021


Please pray for the healing of my brother Doug. He just had surgery for cancer in his kidney. Besides that, he has a Parkinsonism disease in which his left arm, and lower legs are all swollen and makes it very difficult for him to walk. He also has a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder and is in a great deal of pain.

Tammy Boston – 12/9/2021

No breast cancer tumors shrink

Please pray in agreement with me for the tumors to shrink up and disappear on their own and no breast cancer in Jesus Name! Thank you

Roy everet hart – 12/9/2021

Heal me

Please pray for me roy Everett hart that will healed I am recovering from surgery God bless amen

George Hopper – 12/9/2021

A Healing Miracle for Her

I ‘m asking God to please heal my wife, Paulette, she has battled breast cancer twice over a ten year period, now it has turned to stage 4, metastatic bone cancer of the spine and sternum. She has endured so much. I know God answers all prayers, and God’s will be done. I pray for her healing in this life, does it ever happen in this world? It seems all I hear of is the healing she will receive in Heaven. I want so desperately to believe a miracle will save her life. Please pray for her, anyone, everyone.

Rosario Rosero – 12/9/2021

Prayer request

dear God, I am requesting the healing of MARCO RAFAEL PALOMINO CALLER.
Actually he is suffering of cancer in his liver and additional conditions derived
Of this condition. It is only you who can help him to heal and slowly overcome
This situation. Dear God, his family is also suffering as they would like to have
Him with them for more time..
Dear God please help Mark Rafael and his family..


baptiste lafferrerie – 12/9/2021


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

– I pray that Rachel will regain her faith and be well, that the Lord will restore our marriage, to find a job, to fast as much as possible, to be happy, to confess my healing, to pass a teaching competition and my studies, to grow with Christ and to be independent. I pray that my loved ones and my class will be saved, that they will be happy and be well, that the Kingdom of God will progress and that the world will be baptized with the Holy Spirit! Be richly blessed, may the Lord strengthen you and keep you!

Anthony kwesie – 12/9/2021

Physical healing

I have battled stroke for almost five years now without getting healed despite receiving both herbal and orthodox medication over those years
In this regard l respectfully request you to support me in prayer for healing

Vickie Schram – 12/9/2021

Job that I desperately want

I interviewed for a job a couple of weeks ago and they are still in the decision making process, Please pray that I have God’s favor and I get this job!!!

Anonymous – 12/9/2021

New Hope and New Life in Jesus

Please pray continued peace and protection over my brother. I ask for God’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental healing and revival. I ask deliverance of the fear, anxiety, insomnia, guilt, shame, regret, disappointment, and all else that binds my brother. Please pray deep conviction of God’s truths alone. Please pray wisdom on our family as we try to engage. Above all, please pray new hope and new life in Jesus. Please pray for miracles. Thank you.

Jansi Vipin – 12/9/2021

Healing for my mother

Dear brother/sister,
Please pray for my mother malini who is suffering from problem in her right eye.Dr gave drops and ask her to come after 5 days.I believe only our lord.please pray to our loving lord to touch with his holy hand and heal her eyes.

Jessica Alvizo – 12/9/2021

Breast Cancer Healing

I humbly ask if you can help me pray for my mom Martha Barajas. We will be getting test results tomorrow, which include Pet Scan, Echocardiogram and blood tests. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 in 2013. She had surgery last year and her doctor stopped her chemo treatment since she was doing good. Praying in Jesus Name, my mom is completely healed from all sickness in her body. Renew her body and mind my Lord. In you we Trust. Help us during such tough and wearisome times. AMEN

Amelia Weaver – 9/28/2021

Healing for Maxi Ricafort

Loving God, I pray you will give her comfort while going through treatment, lend skill to the hands of the healers, and bless the means used for her cure. Give her such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when she’s afraid, she may put the whole trust in You, through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Deepa – 9/28/2021


Please pray for my success in IELTS exam on 25/09/2021.
Also please pray for my daughter Nicole as she is suffering from medicine resistant epilepsy for the last six years.

Thanking you,
Deepa, India

Deborah – 9/28/2021

Healing for myself

Pray for my healing that my bleeding problems will stop

Lori – 9/28/2021


Dear friends,
Please pray for my brother and his wife. She just contracted MRSA and is going in for surgery tomorrow. It looks serious. The doctors were able to remove the damaged tissue, but she has lost use of her right arm, which is devastating. There will be another surgery tomorrow to make sure they got it all. Please pray, they do not need to remove any more tissue and that they are able to contain the spread. It’s very scary! Please pray for my brother, as he could possibly be exposed too. Thank you all. Our family appreciates every prayer. May you be richly blessed.🙏

Johny k – 9/28/2021



Theodora Collins – 9/28/2021


Please pray with me for God to heal my mother, sisters, brothers, grands etc. Please ask the Father with me to turn the fear of death to rejoicing amongst the living. Pray with me for all patients to recover from hospitals, nursing homes, jailhouses, healing is desperately needed nationwide.Ask the Father with me to Clear this nation from dying. Ask the Father to help me and my family from drugs and alcohol, my sister Sue is in the hospital with bleeding ulcer, ask for her healing today with me. Please ask for my husband knees to be touched by the master’s hands. Thank you

Lihini Ratnayake – 9/28/2021

Healing from rheumatoid arthritis

Please pray for close person Sneha Banerjee for healing from rheumatoid arthritis and slow wound healing. Please pray that the rheumatoid arthritis gets better and improves. Please pray for prevention of further complications in health. And also please pray for her and her family’s protection from covid-19. Thank you so much and may God bless you all abundantly and keep you all safe

Paul T – 9/28/2021


Praying for deliverance from evil, fear, rejection, anxiety, and oppression. Praying for God’s favor, healing, and restoration for me and my family. Thank you for your prayers.

Jainson Jayakumar – 9/28/2021

Job interview prayer request

Im awaiting an job interview on coming Tuesday 28th Sep, as this determines my career kindly support me in your prayer to get through, God bless you!

Mhonbemo – 9/28/2021


Please pray for healing of my health as I am not well for the past 3 months. I trust that Jesus will heal me through prayers. Thank you.

Jossiana Diaz – 9/28/2021


Please pray for me. My name is Jossiana Diaz. I will be undergoing some medical tests this week. Let everything be benign and my symptoms be healed. In Jesus name, amen

Emman Sanga – 9/28/2021

Physical healing

My daughter and grandson are in serious condition. Baby’s oxygen level becoming low. Mother also can’t walk properly. On the other hand monetary problem is also poor due to long periods in hospital. So please pray for them.

Grace Makombe – 9/28/2021


Please pray for healing for my 43yr old brother Andrew Makombe. He’s very very sick and doctors don’t seem to know what’s wrong with my brother. He’s losing a lot of weight and his getting weaker by the day. Father God I’m pleading before your throne to reach out your healing hand to my brother Andrew Father Please touch my brother from head to toe, father God please heal my brother in the name of Jesus. Father God blow life into his body Father strengthen him in the mighty name of Jesus. FATHER GOD I ask that you please break and remove every plot and plan of the enemy in Jesus name. Father God please take control of my brother’s health in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen