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Heather S – 3/17/2022


My prayer request is for my youngest sister. She’s a Christian, has 3 young children, and is 33 years old. She’s had a lot of health problems since having Covid. She’s had to leave work, barely able to get out of bed and function, lost a lot of weight, has no appetite. Dr’s aren’t giving her much answers. Please pray the Lord to give Sarah strength, healing, heart healing, faith, for the health care she needs, that he’ll bless her well-being. Thank you so much for all you do. God bless <3

Christraj Azor Ashish BabaDhan – 3/17/2022


Plz pray for my health problem.

Drema Compton – 1/20/2022

Prayer for my mother

I’m asking prayer for my dear sweet mother she suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and seizure at home on the 17th of December. She also has bleeding on the brain and is paralyzed on the left side of her body. The doctors preformed a tracheostomy so she could breathe. My mother has been a Christian for 62 years and has always served God. I know God Can do the impossible. Sincerely in need of prayers.

Solomon Ik6 – 1/20/2022


Pray for healing from aortic aneurysm
Thank you

Jennifer Workizer – 1/20/2022

Neck and back pain

May you please pray I have healing from my neck and back pain please.

Clyde Jethro Quidet – 1/20/2022

Prayer for healing

Please pray for fast and complete healing for my mother Lorena Sayson Quidet she’s at the hospital right now and got positive in COVID-19 and is suffering from severe pain due to some kidney problems. Thank you so much for helping me pray.

Crystal Vines – 1/20/2022


Please pray for Hester McKinney to be healed. She is 80 years old with cancer and covid

Mary C. – 1/20/2022

Healing Prayers for Alex

Please pray for healing for my son, Alex, who recently attempted suicide. Thank you.

Shannon Coleman – 1/20/2022

Prayer for mom and home

Please pray for my mom that’s in hospice she has been battling congestion and urinary issues . Please pray for my Gods blessings and protection over our home. Please also pray I can find a good job.

Taruna Satish – 1/20/2022

Heal my mother Leela urgently

Please give my mother Leela a speedy recovery urgently from her illness Please

Ned jean-Baptiste – 1/20/2022

Marriage restoration

HI, I’d like some help praying for my wife who is struggling with a spirit of depression and putting our marriage at high risk for separation. Also every doors I try to open in my life to grow a business won’t open all I get is spirit of rejection help me pray to restore my marriage, open doors for business to grow, and for God to bless us with a child this year it’s been 14years THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.